‘Ethan loves you and your classes and workshop days. We drive half an hour to come to your classes as we haven’t found a better one nearer to us and wouldn’t dream of moving now anyway. You are friendly, warm, enthusiastic, inspiring and talented. The children love you and learn so much from you. Thank you for everything you do.’ Emily Anderson, Proud Mum


Wannado specialise in Authentic Streetdance styles rotating monthly between: HIPHOP, POPPIN, LOCKIN, BREAKIN and HOUSE

Opportunities at the Academy include participation in our Annual Showcase, progression into our competitive crews, and fun masterclasses and workshops in the holidays.

Most of all though, throughout all classes, my big ethos is geared around Positive energy and attitudes, supportive community of enthusiastic and passionate friends, celebration of self expression and individuality, and FUN!

Our classes run 43 weeks of the year, and payments are spread across the year with a monthly Direct Debit. The more classes you take, the bigger the discount you get!