‘Kerry is a true professional. She is a motivational teacher, an excellent dancer and a superb organiser. She runs all her classes and performances to the highest standards and I enthusiastically recommend her services to parents, pupils and those looking to offer first class training sessions.’ Ellen Jameson, Former Principal at Razzamataz Theatre Schools and BBC Broadcaster

Wannado Streetdance have 2 NEW competitive CREWS!


There are many reasons our students will flourish as dedicated and valuable members of our crews.

  • They will improve tenfold, with specialised and concentrated training in Authentic Streetdance, the level of which is not available in the local area.

  • They will be working in a tight unit, improving teamwork and social skills whilst having fun. Working so closely in a team can improve mental health and self esteem, to belong to a family of like minded individuals can be comforting and liberating in the testing and hormone ridden throws of preteen life.

  • They will improve in confidence as their skill goes up, when they begin achieving their dreams.

  • They will be working closely with Wannado’s founder Kerry in a small training class, with more attention to individual improvements, and they will be pushed as far as they want to be pushed, with the potential to reach World Championships in the future with hard work.

  • They will get more performance opportunities and first refusal for exclusive masterclasses. To be given a platform to express themselves, and showcase their talents is so rewarding.

  • These positive skills are transferrable throughout the rest of their life. It helps with discipline, work ethic, fitness/health, leadership and teamwork, communication etc.

There are so many benefits that I am very passionate about, which reflects in my personal offer of 2 scholarship positions for talented children who can not afford it.